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George Jetson is 40 years old, lives in the Skypad apartments in Orbit City, with his wife Jane, and children Judy and Elroy. George works at Spacely Sprockets; owned by Cosmo Spacely.   George is about 5’ 10, and 160 lbs, with red hair, and a large nose.

George’s grandfather, Montague Jetson, was very wealthy at one time, having made his fortune in the robotics industry. Over time, the competition became very fierce, and Montague had to close several factories and outlet stores. By the time George graduated high school, the family fortune was gone. George attended Milky Way Community College and when he graduated, went to work at Spacely Sprockets. His boss, Cosmo Spacely, has an interesting and little-known connection to George’s family.

When asked to describe George, one of his coworkers said this:  “How would I describe George Jetson? I dunno….I guess I’d say he’s kind of…bland…but he has a hot wife.”

Jane Jetson

She is George’s wife, she is an attractive redhead, but she has been know to dye her hair blond, occasionally. A little know fact about Jane: she has an MBA from Skyline University; she wishes people would take her seriously. No-one really knows how old she is–she refuses to tell.

Jane loves fashion, and new gadgets, but she is also intelligent and cultured; she is a member of the  Galaxy Women Historical Society, and loves art by  Leonardo de Venus and Picasso Pia.
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Judy Jetson

Judy is George and Jane’s 16 year old daughter.  To her friends, and string of boyfriends, Judy appears to be a typical teenage girl, interested only in clothes, boys, hanging out with her friends, and telling secrets to her diary, Di-Di. But Di-Di knows a secret that her family only suspects; Elroy is not the only one who knows how to fix gadgets. Judy is very techy; but she keeps it secret.
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Elroy Jetson

Elroy is George and Jane’s 6 year old son. He is very smart and well behaved. He gets good grades in school, and is extremely talented at fixing gadgets around the house. One day, Elroy finds a puppy, and to his surprise, Elroy soon discovers that the puppy can talk.  The dog,  who later becomes attached to George, reveals that he is  was genetically enhanced in  Secret Star Labs, and he ran away from there. They are looking for him, which could add drama to the new Jetsons movie.
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Astro the Dog

A genetically enhanced dog, with the ability to talk, though it is hard to understand him at times, due to his speech impediment. Astro was found by Elroy, but later became George’s best friend. It is George who gives him the name “Astro.”
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Rosie the Robot

Rosie the robot has been with the family for a long time. She was originally given as a wedding gift, by Montague Jetson, to his daughter in law, Jewel, when she married  Montague’s son,  Joseph, George’s father (a nod to Joseph Barbera, creator of The Jetsons–also, Jewel’s maiden name is Barbera).
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Cosmo Spacely

As a young man, he was madly in love with his college sweetheart, Jewel Barbera.  Jewel, did not have the same feelings for him, and she ended up marrying Joseph Jetson, the son of wealthy robot manufacturer, Montague Jetson. Cosmo went to work at his family’s business, Spacely Sprockets, and eventually married, but he never really forgave Jewel. Years later, when Montague lost his fortune, George went to work at Spacely Sprockets, and Mr. Spacely often gave George a hard time, because he was Jewel’s son. He also felt that George’s father had stolen Jewel from him, and he often took it out on hapless George.
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