George Jetson

George Jetson imageGeorge Jetson is every man, at least every married man with kids in the 50s and early 60s. Note, JFK was in the office at the time, likewise with a boy and a girl.

He is more Darren from Bewitched than Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners, simultaneously differentiating him from Fred Flintstone based on Kramden. His job appears to be white collar and he is more nervous type A personality than blowhard.

He works hard (by 2062 standards) at “Spacely Sprockets” to support his family. In the opening credits of the show he is seen dropping his family off at school, the mall etc. and doling out cash at each stop. At the last stop, Jane his wife takes the wallet and leaves him with a bill.

He suffers under a tyrannical boss (Mr. Spacely), but there is a tenuous level of respect between them. He loves his family but frequently doesn’t understand them. He is the idol and patsy of “Astro” the family dog.