Rosie the Robot

Rosie the Robot MaidRosie is an older model robotic maid; Elroy initially mistakes her for a vintage jukebox. She considers the Jetsons good people and all that’s keeping her from ‘the scrapheap”.

She has warm relations with all members of the Jetson family. She plays ball with Elroy and helps Judy with her homework. She is, oddly, the humanizing touch in Jane’s automated (once you push the designated buttons) housekeeping and can do things like bake from leftovers and shake out a carpet. It is her pineapple upside down cake that she turns upside down on Mr. Spacely, defending the Jetsons’ honor, that loses then regains George his job.

Her antenna moves when she’s excited and she has a (robot) boyfriend. The obvious comparison is to “Alice” in The Brady Bunch (may she rest in pace) but she is cuter and shows more experience with what life has to offer; she has the accent of a New York woman of a certain age.